funny koozies

The Unique DIY Koozie to Spend your Leisure Time

Who do not know about koozie? Of course, many of us have been familiar with this kind of items. That is especially if we have a hobby in drinking beer, soda drinks, and so on. however, nowadays it is not only used for the particular type of drinks but also for any drinks which can make the look of the bottle or even the glass looks so stylish and not […]

beach theme wedding color schemes

Interesting Wedding Color Schemes to Get Inspirations From

Taking a look at some interesting wedding color schemes is something that you must consider if you are going to get married soon and there are many of such color schemes that you can take a look and get inspirations from nowadays. The color schemes are including, for example, an interesting lilac and peach color scheme, a color scheme you can get inspirations from if you like the color of […]

luau party food ideas

Luau Party Ideas You Have to Consider Trying

If you want to hold a luau party, you must consider trying luau party ideas that can help turn your luau party into a lively party. The ideas are including an idea which involves building a tiki bar and some places people can play luau games during the party you hold. Aside from the aforementioned idea, an idea that involves decorating your party venue with some items that can help […]

antique moissanite engagement rings

Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite is a rare mineral that is named after it is discovered by Henri Moissan. It is very rare in nature but these day it is synthetized in lab and it is used as jewelry. The moissanite engagement rings look like diamond and some of its properties even exceed the diamond itself. Because of its lower price it is often used as a replacement for diamond.For people who care about […]

titanium rings men

Popular Elegant Titanium Rings

Titanium rings are one of the most popular types of ring today. It has advantages than any other normal metal used for making rings such as gold, silver, and steel. Titanium is strong and light, making it a perfect material for a ring. it is also highly resistant to corrosion from sea water, acids, and chlorine. Titanium is used in many industrial products and projects, including industry machine, cars, and […]

diamond purity rings

Get the Purity Rings

Purity rings or also known as chastity rings and abstinence rings are rings that are worn as a sign of chastity, especially before marriage. The creation of purity rings can be traced from the United States in 1990s where a group of Christian that is practicing sexual abstinence. But these days the purity rings can be worn by non-Christian alike. By wearing purity rings you must religiously vow that you […]