tanzanite wedding rings

The Beauty From Tanzanite Rings For You

Are you familiar with tanzanite rings? Well this ring now is a magnet of attention from many people. The beauty that emanates from the ring is able to amaze the people who see it. Tanzanite itself is a gem which is derived from the mining in the near of Kilimanjaro Mount, Tanzania. It has beautiful blue or purple color. The ring is considered extremely rare to be found in the natural […]

masonic lodge rings

What Is Masonic Rings?

With a lot of conspiracy theories circulate in the public; Freemasonry is one of the groups that are suspected to do some of the conspiracy. Well some people dislike this group, some other do not care and the rest is its member. The group is considered unique. They have some symbolic items that distinct between the non-member and the member. One of the items which make a person maybe is […]

stackable gold rings

Choosing Stackable RingsTo Measure How Far Your Love

Now the trends for stackable rings are increased. Maybe not everyone knows yet about the ring. Well the term is used for dainty and thin bands which are stacked together. It mostly represents the symbol of mileage of the couple’s love. It becomes trend after many famous superstars and fashion trend idols have been seen to use this kind of ring. Besides it also gains the popularity due to several aspects which […]

white tungsten ring

Design Accents on Tungsten Rings

Tungsten rings have become one of the jewels that are now becoming very popular. This ring can be chosen as a wedding ring or will be used for accessories only. It has long tungsten was chosen because it does not have a bad effect on the skin. Compared with other materials like platinum or titanium, tungsten material is better. This metal is not easily scratched and is very comfortable to […]

tacori wedding rings overstock

Tacori Wedding Rings as the Most Beautiful Wedding Gift

Tacori wedding rings became one of the most widely type of ring chosen by the bride and groom couples. Choosing a wedding ring can be done in various ways. You can determine from the most expensive to the most appropriate prices with the size of the bag. But to find a ring that is worth so you can make an assessment of the design and size. Make sure that the ring […]

crystal monogram cake topper

Choosing Monogram Cake Toppers for Wedding Cakes

Monogram cake toppers are one of the trends that are very developed at this time. Light sheen of monogram will provide another form on the cake. All creative ideas with a variety of shapes can be selected by the bride. One of the goals of this is the use of toppers like to give memories to the bride. Even if the wedding is held at night, the light part of the […]